Pieces of Minty: Pieces of Me

Thai. Born and raised in the States. Recent College Grad. Veteran Waitress. Singing. Drawing. Ukulele. Music ❤ Video Games
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I post pieces of me: my likes, interests, opinions or random blurbs. They are bits and pieces that make up who I am as a person :)

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I’m Thai-American (Ethnically I’m Thai-Chinese). University student. I work as a waitress at my family’s restaurant over my winter/summer breaks. I like various Asian music, dramas, shows and movies. Pretty fluent in Thai. I like cutesy stuffs, music, singing, artsy stuffs…yah I’m also a foodie…and I grew up in the restaurant business so cooking has become a big hobby of mine~ So yah…I might post my food creations~ ;D

Why “Pieces of Minty”? Minty is one of my many nicknames…I’m no good at expressing myself with people…I’m better off writing it…so think of each post a different pieces of me and who I am…yah…kays bai

Although I’m a noob I enjoy playing video games. My latest obsession is Prop Hunt on Garry’s Mod~ I’m a terrible gamer though…I don’t know what I’m doing so sorry…but if you want to see the stupid games my friends and I play click HERE